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Jay Kim-Turner - Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Hello, my name is Jay and I am a student attending the University of California, Berkeley studying political science and economics. In the past, I have heavily been involved in speech and debate events, with a particular emphasis on Parliamentary debate and Impromptu speech. I had the high honor of serving as President of my high school’s Speech and Debate team during my senior year. Some things I like to do in my free time are watch and play sports, TV shows, and movies, as well as exercise.I started the Masked Heroes Initiative because I believe that we cannot sit on the sidelines and expect for COVID-19 to disappear. It is up to us — all of us — to actively defeat it together and put this crisis behind us.


Finance is divided into two subdivisions: External Finance and Internal Finance. External Finance is responsible for creating new avenues and ideas of fundraising, while Internal Finance is responsible for the recording, logging, and reporting of all financial transactions and activity.

External Finance

Internal Finance

Social Media

Social Media is responsible for creating the necessary graphics for various promotions, uploading pictures for donations, and researching COVID-19 information to inform the public.


Technology manages our website and blog, and it makes any new or updated information uploaded and readily available.


Advising provides business, strategy, and leadership advising for the organization, and is in charge of the maintenance of all university organization level members.


Operations finds areas in need and coordinates donations of various PPE, including masks, hand sanitizer, gowns, gloves, and other equipment.